Pépé le Pilot

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Getting ready for a CDG-BOG flight, 11h15hrs flight time, 82 tons of fuel, 273 tons TOW.

What's up with all the taxiway name changes in CDG? It's a pain in the derriere!
Is that a predeparture snack in the lower right hand corner? How many pilots do y'all use to crew that flight? Are the A330 guys also on the A340 as well?
Yes there are small sandwiches and we can pretty much take whatever we want from the biz class galley (there's no First class on the long haul Airbus fleet). We're 3 for any flight over 8hrs and you get to fly A330 or A340 it's basically the same airplane with 2 more engines. I enjoy the 340 more, even though the 330 has some pretty amazing performance.