A valuable lesson today...


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... on the wisdom of discontinuing a checkride. I was completely ready for the instrument ride, but I wasn't ready to be sick. Violently sick.

It's eight hours after my pink slip was handed to me, and I still can't keep anything down! I'm in the dr's office tomorrow first thing.

I was bitten in the ass by a busy tower, strange missed approach procedures because of all of the traffic, AND A MOUTHFUL OF VOMIT. I missed the gear on my last missed approach... he gave me a second chance to pull it up by immediately going partial panel and killing an engine. He gave me ten seconds to get the gear. *bust*

Oh, well. I get to pay 300 bucks to fly out of the pattern, come back in on a GPS approach, go missed, make sure I pull up the gear (GOD what a stupid thing to miss), and circle to land.

Moral of the story? If you feel sick, DISCONTINUE. Even if the DE has to take the plane three times in 15 minutes for you to swallow a mouthful of hour-old Jack-in-the-Box, he can't stop the ride. He can't even suggest it.

Hey- if I can fly a Seminole under the hood while doing the unthinkably gross cud-chewing, fly three approaches balls-on accurate and do sweet manuevers, I think I'll be allright on my XC!! (of course, I have to learn how to pull up the gear on every missed approach, dammit.)

I'll have my rating on Monday morning.
Think about being contagious and what it does to people whose income depends on their ability to fly. Monday might be pushing it.

Good luck at the Doc's tomorrow and GET WELL SOON!!!

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Thank you.

Here's the score: My baby is due any day. I have to clear the second stage of the program immediately. Monday is the next opportunity before the 10th of June. The DE himself told me the only reason I busted was due to the "distraction." I'm just doing a quick GPS approach/missed/engine out on the missed/PULL THE F'ING GEAR UP checkride. I can do it in my sleep, literally.

The man makes 150,000 a year cash off of us- I don't pity him for any downtime he might get from me. He charges full price for the recheck: 300 bones.

I have a doozy of an ear infection, so I'll doubt I'm a vector for anything to him anyhow.
Post the bastard's name--anyone who charges $300 for a recheck doesn't deserve the business.
You don't HAVE to do anything, especially sick. A used diaper slapped business end down on the desk of the person pushing you might break through the hardheadedness.

Stop pressuring yourself and the little one. If sickness or labor interrupts your next attempt, definitely stop. . . but I wonder if the first bust was even valid?

Why did the examiner let you continue obviously with something seriously wrong?

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Yes, it was a valid bust. Lemme 'splain:

A checkride, as best as it can, duplicates real-world flying- even checkrides! (What? They duplicate themselves??) In the real world, I wouldn't have ignored the fact that I was feeling worse and worse as the day went on, and I certainly wouldn't have continued the flight after the first "reversal." I should have cancelled the "flight," as well as the checkride. Whoops.

It's his job.

To his credit, he blamed it on the distractions, but incomplete recovery from an engine-out is most definitely a bust.

Which SUCKS. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
Whoa! He was fair on my ride, so I have no direct beef with him *yet*.

He isn't very popular for that reason (full price) alone, but I certainly don't feel right about posting his name. He doesn't do any work outside of ATP, so unless you attend, you have no worries.

I pay 300 bucks to take a ride without any suprises, too. I know what to expect, almost verbatim. He throws a lot of imponderables at you during the oral, and might vector you extremely tight into a single-engine ILS with the outside engine the one he killed, but other than that...
$150k/yr CASH...think about it: I'll bet he reports only half of that to the IRS. I can see maybe $100 for a recheck, but full-fare is outrageous.