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I just wanted to post and say a few things about the aviation world. We all know how good it was last year and now how BAD it is this year. There are a lot of people on the streets and I hope everyone is helping out these fellow aviators with any possibilities that may come up. I graduated 6 months ago and haven't been flying due to no jobs and massive competition. As of today, I owe a HUGE thanks to another forum member whom I networked with on this site. I had never met the gentleman but saw that he was in the same location and just offered a beer (or two) and a conversation. About three weeks later we still didn't get anything set up but I received a PM from this gentleman about a job opportunity. It turns out that this opportunity paid off. I have just about 500 hours (which is nothing I know) and is not good at all due to the competition in this horrible economy. BUT, because of networking and an enthusiastic attitude, I now have a job that pays well and a new friend. I will be seeing the country from the air! It's an awesome opportunity and one that was not expected at all. I had given in on not getting a job until the economy turned around, but fate had other plans. I guess my point is, be kind to whoever you come across and stay positive. Be wise as to what you type on these boards because a lot of people are looking and you are judged on what you write. Network as much as possible and "pay it forward" when able. Fellow low timers, keep plugging away. One day your dreams will be realized and all the hard work will be worth it. Persistence pays and I wish everyone the best and a Merry Christmas!


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I am happy for you. It is really tough out there.
I hope your career is a productive and safe one.

Happy Holidays!


Fly high and fly true! :rawk:


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Its good to hear... Congrats. We all know that we have to take care of our own because who else is going to? Not the FAA thats for sure...


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Congrads! Don't count the egg until the hatch. Sign a contract with them if possible.