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I have a friend in Africa that would very much like to come to the US to get his A&P license. His lifelong dream has been to work on airplanes for a major airline.

His family is very poor, and I am trying to help them locate a school that he could attend (anywhere in the US) that is a good school in an area where cost of living is low.

There are various Community Colleges in my area that offer A&P programs, but the cost of living here is insane.

If anyone can recommend a school, or better yet, offer up some advice on how he should go about taking on this challenge, please let me know.


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I am in the portland community college a&p program in oregon and it is working out pretty good. Overall the program is pretty inexpensive and I think you only have to have a mailing address in oregon to get resident tuition. Cost of living can be a bit expensive here though.

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I would suggest a community college program somewhere in the Midwest, or even here in TX. Cost of living is going to be a lot cheaper than on either coast, especially if he doesn't mind living in a podunk little town.

One I looked at going to was Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, but I didn't look there very long so I don't know a lot about it.


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You could look into Penn College in Pennsylvania. I am not familar with the cost for that program, but you could look into it.


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Guilford Technical Community College here in Greensboro, NC has a good program. Not a expensive place to live either.


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Its really just a matter of where your friend would like to live while attending school. Definitely tell him to go the community college route!! It makes no difference where you get your A&P as its a license to learn. Once you have a couple years experience under your belt nobody gives darn where you went to school.

Trust me on this. I went the Embry-Riddle route years ago. I admit it was an excellent program, but after I entered the work force I realized quick it was a waste of money. I could of gone through Broward Community College's entire program for less than one semester at Riddle (actually probably 50% of the cost of one semester). Live and learn.


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I know Utah State and UND have Comperable programs to Embry-Riddle (I attended both, Utah State and Riddle) and he could probably go there pretty cheap, and Utah State, at least used to, Give in-state Tuition to residents of Idaho and Wyoming, and all of them have pretty relaxed residency requirements... I think around 3 months....

Or he could get an apprenticeship and get payed while getting his A&P.....

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I agree with Roger,Roger.

I attended a trade school to get my A&P in the late 80's early 90's. It was expensive back then and even more so nowadays. If I had to do it over again, I would defenitely attend a local community college. It may be a little longer but in the long run it will be much cheaper and you'll get an Associates Degree out of it.