A&P for former Military


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Sitrep: I spent 14 years in the Navy doing the following:
1. Aviation Structual Mechanic Hydraulics
2. P-3 Flight Engineer

During this time I worked on Airframe, Hydraulic, Electrical and Power Plant systems. I performed all kinds of maintenance on several different aircraft. I was a collateral duty inspector and I was a quality assurance inspector (safety of flight).

Let me get to the question, I've been out of the avaition maintenance business for about 14 years, I still have all my old military certificates and designations. Does anyone have any idea what it would take for me to get an A&P license?
I know a guy who worked on S-2s in hydrolics., 9sorry I don't recall his rate) He met the experice requirement, but still had to do the written, and go thru with the FAA for the A&P.

This may help
the fsdo will have an inspector specifically for A&Ps they are not (USUALLY) the same guys who do flight testing..

Call and ask.
I too was in the military and went through the A&P process after I got out. All you have to do is contact your local FSDO and talk to the inspector on duty and set up an appt with them to review your records and what you might be eligible to test on. The only thing they will do is give you credit for your experience, you will still have to take the oral and practicals from a DME. The FSDO might be able to help you find a few in your area. The FAA no longer does the testing. All you need for your appt is a photo ID and a copy of your DD 214, that shows what your experience is in. The FAA has a book that has all the MOS's and what they will give credit for. Good Luck.

Former Navy mechanic, I know that when I was going up for my A&P exam, I had to show documented OJT for a certain amount of hours. Like several of the other people said, go down to the local FAA & see what they can do to assist. If there is a major college near you, stop by to see the Veterans Affairs Officer, they are a great sourse of information.