A Long Day Yesterday


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Yesterday I took both my Single Engine Commercial and Multi-Engine Commercial Add-On rides back to back. It made for a long day with a lot of brain drain. 2 check rides, 2 orals, 2 systems, etc…. I left for the airport yesterday at 7:00 am and did not get back home until 7:30 pm. I slept like a rock last night.

I did the multi-engine stuff with ATP (4-day, 10 hour course) and was very happy with the program. Anyway, I passed both rides and am very relieved.
Congrats and keep up the good work!
WOW! that's some dedication there... now WE know you have what it takes - especially if you can do those back to back!!

I hear that Santa's got something from the FAA coming your way. Way to make it through a long, tough day!

Now go and enjoy some egg nog or something!