A little windy in CO

Brian Z

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[FONT=Monospace,Courier]KBJC 301448Z 26047G64KT 20SM SCT100 12/M18 A2978

The stupid wind kept me and my wife up all night.:banghead:


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yeah, kept me up all night as well....i thought our roof was going to rip right off at one point. No point in flying...you would just be blown right off the end of 29R and find yourself flying backwards into Denver.


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Yeah, KBJC gets the award for the windiest in CO. It kept me grounded quite a bit last winter! Check out the TAF:

KBJC 301534Z 3016/3112 28035G55KT P6SM FEW100
FM301700 34013G24KT P6SM FEW120 SCT200
FM301800 08008KT P6SM FEW080 SCT120 WS020/28030KT
FM302100 14010KT P6SM FEW060 SCT080
FM310100 10008KT P6SM VCSH SCT035 BKN050
FM310700 17010KT P6SM SCT060 SCT100


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That's pretty rare up there. Makes for an interesting landing in a 172 too.
Not that rare, used to see it all the time when I lived there. It can happen quick too... One time I was at BJC at it was calm. 30 mins later, a peak gust of 80 mph was recorded, with sustained winds of 55 mph.

Brian Z

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That's pretty rare up there. Makes for an interesting landing in a 172 too.
Winds that strong are rare, but in general it stays pretty windy at BJC. We see low to mid teens about half the time there. The field sits on a plateau and is pretty exposed.


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I can't say that I have ever seen this:

KBJC 301948Z 29026G37KT 70SM FEW050 SCT200 13/M22 A3001

Holy crap...now that is some good vis!!! I guess the wind blew all the crap out of the atmosphere!


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I was flying in north eastern WY today, we had winds 290 @ 140 from FL330 all the way down to FL220. Didn't drop below 100 kts until 16000, and at traffic pattern altitude, the winds are blowing at 75 kts. I'm surprised we didn't hit any wind shear.