A little bit of Extra fun

Nice video! I'm in the Aerobatics portion of my Navy primary flight training. We fly the T-6B Texan. How many G's will that little guy pull? It looks very responsive, would be fun to fly I'm sure. We only do 8 maneuvers, but it's still a pretty good time. My last profile looked like this.

Wing Over - 200/220 kts - 80% torque
Barrel Roll - 200/220/80%
Aileron Roll - 180/220/80%
Loop - 230/250/Max
Immelman - 230/250/Max
Split S - 140/Idle
Cuban 8 - 230/250/Max
Clover Leaf - 200/220/Max

The highest I've seen my G meter is 5.2, and that was on the "Gx" which is just a warm up maneuver (220 kts, roll 90 and pull through about 270 of heading). Most of the over the top maneuvers require a smooth pull to 4 G's. Really depends a lot on altitude, if we're way up high in a MOA it's less. Down low you get fast very quick and can get up to 5 G's in a hurry.
The Extra 300 is a +/- 10 G airplane solo, and +/- 8 G dual.
What he said...

this was us from the end of the flight