A familiar face?


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Stopped by my local airport (S73) in the middle of Idaho and ran across this guy fueling his airplane. We chatted for 10 or 15 minutes and then I left before he recognized me and wanted an autograph. :)

That's awesome! I've met quite a few different high-profile people at my job (FBO line guy in Atlanta), but the coolest celeb/pilot I got to talk to was Morgan Freeman. We talked for about 15 minutes also, and at first he was quiet (I was later informed that he's been "attacked" for autographs by previous employees of FBO's), but I simply wanted to talk aviation. As soon as I did, he lit up and wouldn't stop talking! We talked about our solo flights, how he enjoys flying his *own* Citation Bravo, and other things.

Anyways, great pics!
Anybody notice the grafiti in the picture on the train car, far right picture, it says "fart." I lol'ed:crazy:
For being that old it sure looked good.

Im talking about the Beaver of course. Harrison, well, maybe he shouldnt have done some of his own stunts over the years.
I walked right past Harrison Ford on the ramp at KCMA last year, didn't even notice it was him, just another pilot on the ramp. I had just landed and he was walking out to his Bell 407, which he then cranked up and took off toward Van Nuys/Burbank.
That's pretty cool. If I were a well paid movie star like him, that is exactly how I would be spending my days off. Good to see that the brotherhood (meant in a gender neutral way ladies) of aviators is not lost upon celebrities.
I wonder if there are any famous actressess out there willing to share their beaver with the general aviation public :D
I got my second and third type rating along with CFI/II at PDK.. back in the mid 70s. Odd thing.. I'm back flying out of the same building and off the same ramp 30+yrs later.

Thats funny. I got my private at PDK than went to college down in FL, and probably coming back to PDK to get my CFI! Where are you working on the airport?
Looks like he's been eating like a pilot. Good for him, makes it easier to avoid hordes of sex crazed women. I know how that feels.