A day in the life of...airnet freight dawg

Ok, I'll be the prude... where does it say you don't need a seatbelt in the regs?

I do love:

We are clear to land!
So... I've never landed a plane before in my life...
I've got about 2500 hours and...
I've crashed every single time so..
So this is gonna be a new experience for me.

So you've done the ab-intro training eh?

Very nice videos!
That is a monster run! It's gotta be a bugger in TS season or during a winter storm...sign me up!
That sure beat watchin' some lame TV show.


And a nice view into the life of a FREIGHT DAWG!!!
Very nice videos! Brings back a lot of memories. That was my run when I was at the 'net. I think I averaged between 125-130 hours a month, and winters were definately a bugger flying into GRR, AZO, and CLE everyday. I miss it every day.
Double shot had the good props, the single throwover yoke for extra legroom, and the KLN90 GPS.