A Couple Questions


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Is there anyone who was well qualified ots, but didn't get a PEPC invite after making a referral list? That happened to me a few months ago.

How exactly do geo. preferences work? Do they only consider the two locations you single out on the email. Do you have to specifically outline that you will accept a position anywhere?

On my application I listed 10 different locations I'd be cool with. On the Geo. preference email I listed 3 metro areas, two from the drop down list and then I added an addendum at the bottom. I'm really not that picky. I'd would realistically go anywhere, but since they asked a preference I gave them the three areas where I have a support structure in place (TX,GA, and LA) but now I am thinking that may have been a bad move since I've already been passed over once before.

Anybody with any insight or advice?


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My husband was on a referral list but never made it to the PEPC for Summer '07 applications. He was well-qualified. He did go to the PEPC for the Febots.

Put where you really want to go on the geo-preference. If I remember correctly from the when my husband got his geo-preference, it stated that if you put a third place in the addendum, it would not be considered. That area was only for listing specific locations within the state. That could have been just for that geo pref though.

Don't stress. If they want you, you will get a job somewhere in the US. There have been people offered TOL for a location and the FAA has come back and changed the location on them. Obviously picking critical places will help getting picked quicker.