A couple of pictutes


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I did about 50 hours worth of time building mainly on 79881. Very decent price for rental and a friendly school. I certainly enjoyed flying in Kansas. You can't beat the price of AVGAS there. :nana2:


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Nice pics, Jyri! I'm happy to report that everything is MUCH greener now, though!!! Sure is nicer to fly over!

And you wouldn't believe me if I told ya, but N79881 now has a MATCHING cowl!!! She has red stripes to match the rest of the airplane! That's right...we're movin' on up!

Now if only we could get a red stripe down that bland Cherokee!!!

And he's right...you are goin' to have a hard time finding cheaper airplanes to rent...especially with a Garmin 430 and a 172 that will out-climb any other 172 in the nation (easily at 1000 feet/minute!)!!!