A Christmas Gift (free book)


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It is an engineering textbook (that means calculus and other fun math)
99.99 percent of all pilots would find this book incomprehensible. It's main focus is the numeric calculation of things like lift and drag, rather than providing any coherent understanding of aircraft design or flight. Although the preface says it assumes no prior understanding of aerodynamics or fluid dynamics, I doubt anyone without some prior exposure would be able to wade through much of the text. The book really requires someone who is an engineering or science major with at least 4 semesters of calculus and differential equations.

BTW, I recommended the book to charlie1017 a while back, so he may be interested, if he hasn't ordered it already.


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I agree with that, mostly. If you can't read the math the math won't do you any good. However, I think the illustrations, text, design boxes, historical notes, etc. are still useful stuff to people interested in learning more. The fact remains it's not doing me or anyone else any good sitting on my bookshelf :)


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The fact remains it's not doing me or anyone else any good sitting on my bookshelf :)
I know, but someone's got to pay postage. ;) I just wanted to give fair warning to those who might ask for the book out of idle curiosity. You being an engineer, you may not appreciate how intimidating math is to the random normal person, much less vector calculus. They'd take one look at the contents and put it on the shelf, never to be touched again.

I sent an email to charlie1017 with a point out of your post.


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My best friend is going to school for aerospace engineering. He would love something like this. Were could I buy one if you already gave this away? I have to make up for a lost Christmas present haha.


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It seems I'm a little bit late! Thanks for the e-mail Taylor. I hope this copy is still available. Otherwise I'll get it once I finish the initial CFI.


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I have this text (bought it for my own edumacation), and have the following bits of review to offer:

1) It is a well written text with good sample problems
2) It starts off moderately heavy and gets very down in the weeds. I have a degree in Mechanical Engr as well as an undergrad specialty in fluids and heat transfer and there were concepts in the book that were still "heavy" to me.
3) Don't let #2 scare you off, but if you aren't looking for a pure technical text there are more qualitative texts out there for your less tech fancy.
4) Not trying to shiat on the OP's sale, just trying to help you find an appreciative buyer rather than one who will get the book and regret it.


PS. Do you have the answers manual to go with it? If not I would recommend trying to pick one up off ebay or amazon.