A/C Down in the Water Near Crystal River


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Hope it works out for the best. Sadly, I don't think it will. I couldn't ever imagine a water landing, not to mention 10-12ft seas to do it in.


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There certainly was some nasty weather brewing over the gulf yesterday evening. Not the best time for flying. Apparently S&R have found an aircraft seat and a flight bag containing headsets 15 miles off of Homosassa. They have not found any trace of the men unfortunately. The situation isn't really looking good at this point. My condolences and thoughts go out to the families of these two men.


My neighbor was flying his SR20 from DFW area to the Bahamas and stopped in TLH due to the weather. He sat at a restaurant for several hours at a table with these two guys just shooting the ####. He was there when they made their "go" decision. The flight bag that turned up early in the search had been at his feet the entire time he was sitting at the table with these dudes while they were discussing different route possibilities.

Anyway, he said that the two deceased were great guys. RIP.


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I can't believe some of the responses.

Thanks for the write up I enjoyed it! Astronauts truly have the best job!