90 Day program


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I am just curious as to how the program is for someone with limited hours. I have 20 hours and am planning on going for the 90 day program with the PPL. It just seems like an awful lot of info to learn in a short time. If grads could speak to any helpful hints to cram it all in I would appreciate it.
They offer a PPL program prior to starting ACPP.
For the 90-day program, however, ATP requires 85 hours. It's really not negotiable. The commercial requires a certain number of hours, and if you start with 85, based on their schedule, you will take your checkride at pretty much exactly that. Start with less and you won't finish the cax on time. They will help you out if you're almost there by renting you a 172 for a great rate, but you have to have the PPL for the 90-day. The requirements for the ACPP are on the website. Have fun.
I think he may have been talking about the program of the 90 day program plus the 60 day program for their PPL (w/acpp)?
Yup, I am concerned with the amount of stuff that you have to learn in such a short time. I have little aviation experience, 20 hours, and feel that trying to complete all the checks in such little time would be tough.
I have searched this website and pretty much selected ATP based on their program and peoples comments. I am going to Vegas next week and am going to swing by and take a look at the operation.
If you do the PPL program with them, the total is 5 months. Many people here have done it, so it can definately be done
. I don't know of anyone here who didn't finish in the amount of time (and several who finished quicker.. cough).

The best advice I can pass on from others is to get all/most of your written tests taken care of before hand. You can take them at any of the ATP locations for free after you've signed up, or I think there is some deal where ATP will recoup your costs if you do them elsewhere.
Thanks for the reply! I am hoping to start in Feb and plan on hitting the books pretty hard for the next month in order to bang out the written tests.
It sounds like a tough program, but from the posts I have read it does seem possible. I feel confident and am going to jump in with two feet.
The 90 day program is great prep. for airline training. For the most part, airlines don't give you nine months to learn their stuff. I went through the program in August of '02. If you are able to attend college on a full time basis and do well, the Career Pilot program will be no problem. You may even have time to play a few games on the Super Nofriendo (we had an ongoing football tourny in our apartment).
I have little aviation experience, 20 hours, and feel that trying to complete all the checks in such little time would be tough.

[/ QUOTE ]Things will look a little different to you -- not quite so staggering -- once you've got your ticket and some additional experience under your belt.
In my class we had a guy with 50 hours (or more) and he essentially was done with his checkride and burning PICtime within two weeks.
(85 hours - 20 hours of review and check ride prep = 65 hours PIC doing x-countrys and extra time to start working on your Instrument. All at $50.00 an hour!)

If you have more skills than a zero time student they will focus on you to get you through. If you need the time you can use it but you'll be ready before you think you are.