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I was wondering...

...will Boeing have to obtain a new Type Certificate, Production Certificate, and then whatever the other one is that allows them to certify the airworthiness themselves for the new 747-8?

I ask because an article I read was talking about the new tooling being moved in as soon as the last 400 rolls out, and then they have an EIS date close thereafter.

Additionally, when they make small incremental changes to the 737 or the A320 line(say they like this new fairing better, or whatever), to what extent can they make changes before they have to alter or seek a new type certificate?

And I don't have an FAR or the time available to go through Part23 or wherever it is.


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Boeing is in a dispute with the government about whether the 747-800 can be grandfathered in or needs a new type certificate.

There are a few issues with the 74 that don't meet todays regs. I can't recall exactly but I think the exits might be grandfathered in...

For example the 777LR models had to meet new contaminated runway regs, while the old ones still can use the old 4 levels of contamination reg.



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The very fact that the DC-9 and B-717 are the same type makes me believe that you could make any two airplanes the same type if you can B.S. well enough. The only commonality between the -9 and the 717 are that they kinda look similar on the outside. I have the type but would not have the first clue as how to operate the -9.


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Boeing is, as stated above, arguing if the changes are significant enough to comply with today's Part 25, or the amendment the -400 is certified under.

Obvioulsy Boeing is arguing the derivative route as certification would be significantly less expensive than under the newest Part 25 amendment.

How it plays out is anyone's guess.

From a crew-side, the -400 and the -8 are the same type, but with differences training. They're already converting a sim in MIA.

The good news is the goofy-looking deals at the end of the -400 wing will be gone. The "Classic" look is back!! ;)