60 day endorsement


Guppy gear swinger
Does the 3hr's in prep for the checkride need to be done by the person signing them off for the checkride or could the person signing them off only have done an hour or two of training and then someone else did other training with him.

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense I am pretty tired.

Thanks in advance.

I agree, any authorized insructor. However.... I don't think I would sign someone off without flying at least 3 hours with them.

If you did 2 mock checkrides, that would surely be three hours and you could be sure the person knew what they were doing. I would use that reg as an excuse to fly 3 hours with the person had I never flown with them before.
I did a whole bunch of time building with him...he is a fellow instructor whom I work with. He fly's fine and I know he will pass. He flew with our chief pilot and our asst chief and they all agree with me saying he is read to go. I thought that somewhere in the FAA's infinite decipher they said it had to be done with one instructor.