50 yrs old and Blood sugar


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I am 50 years old and passed everything on the physical except for the Blood sugar. This has been corrected by meds and diet, the meds are FAA approved. This was over 3 weeks ago and since I am retired from the military I go to the VA which IMHO has outstanding service. Anyways the only other thing that has to be completed is the ECG which my doctor told me mine is perfect and she said that my Blood sugar has dropped to normal through meds and diet and that now all we have to do is wait till January because the VA will not allow another A1C blood test till 90 days has passed.

My question / concern's are , do I have a chance with the FAA? or what. Also the Doctor that did the exam said the FAA would send me something in the mail. I have NOT sent anything to the FAA , do I need too ? or what