5 day CFII/MEI experience


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Not too much to report here....

I just got done with ATP's 5 day CFII/MEI program at their Manassas location. Once again ATP pulled through and I got both ratings in 4 days instead of the advertised 5.

These were the easiest of the checkrides I've had so far. The examiner flew 80% of the time while I talked him through each maneauver and instrument approach. I did both rides at once which I think made things easier overall and limited the amount of information the examiner could ask me in one setting.

If you are looking to add multi ratings and additional flight instructor ratings I would look no farther than ATP. Any questions about the program feel free to ask...
Congrats on picking up the ratings!!! I am about to start the ACPP and was concerned about learning all the information in a short time. It is refreshing to see that it can not only be done but can be done ahead of schedule.