4R9 Cross country


Roger, Roger

Commercial cross country with two students. KGGG-3F3-KGPT-4R9.

KGPT-4R9. 1000' AGL over an oil refinery.

Headed into GPT.

Shrimp Po'boy at the Common Loon in Dauphin Island.

We took a slight detour and overflew the LSU stadium in Baton Rouge. On the way home, the game was going on (we were over 3000' AGL and above KBTR's airspace).

DA-42 parked at Dauphin Island.

Approaching Dauphin Island.

Island running, 4R9 back to GPT.

Most fun cross country I've done to date.


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how'd you like gpt? i live in the town east of there biloxi. dauphin island is a fun lil place.
great shots and glad you had a good time.