3rd career pilot graduates


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this is my personal experience at accessible aviation. i came to the school with 200 hrs and a private pilot license. it took me 7 month to complete the program,however, due to the shortage of flight instructors and airplane availability or weather(?). indeed majority (1 other instructor) of flight instructor('s) are part-time basis. the part time instructor will either flight with you after 5 pm or weekends. the training at accessible aviation are conduct in a very "rendom" environment. since before i left we only have 1 full-time instructor, and 1 part-time instructor with 5 other full time student. there is nearly no ground school at all, or under carl's fast pace ground instruction. if we were asking for ground school, carl will tell you, go to the classroom ( trailor which no one wants to stay there more then 10 mins) and watch the video. guess, according to carl the jepp video will teach everything you need to know about flight. but there is few things are good about the environment. "plaese pay attention no the school" the examiner is so cool. the checkride is conduct in a very relax setting. so you will not get too nervous. MSU korean student are pretty cool too. specially the girls, they like to make out with each other...lol. anyway, if i am going to college, i would pick MSU. but flight training you must be seriously considered.