300/100 Pilot Lookin' to Fly!!!


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I figured I would use our beautiful network first before I started throwing my resume out at different companies...

If all goes well, I'll be finishing up flight school in just over a month. I'm a shameless low-time pilot (I mean, everyone has to start somewhere, right?! Why all of the fuss about bein' low-time?!) ready to fly!

I'll have 300 hours with all my ratings outside of ATP...meaning I'll have my Single/Multi Commercial, Single/Multi Instrument, CFI, CFII, and MEI.

And I'll have 100 hours multi-engine time out of those 300 hours. I also have a bachelor's degree. Maybe my best trait is that I am single and can re-locate no problem.

My passion is people, so the thought of flyin' others around greatly excites me! But right now, when I think about it, I'm really content with flying just about anything...from prop to jet...I've even toyed with the thought of crop-dusting but don't know where to start! Of course, we all have our desires, and I would love to fly twin-engine passenger operations, but again, I just want to fly. My dream is to fly corporate eventually, but I'll be happy to work my way up.

Like most, I have started to again check the pulse of the industry (it's not smart to do it when you still have several months to go...everything changes so fast!). Of course, I am familiar with the regionals and places like AirNet, and to be honest, both are appealing! But I also wanted to see if other "unknown" positions are out there...maybe someone willing to take a lower-time guy under his wing (no pun intended!).

If you know of any positions or would like to know more about my training and credentials, by all means, please let me know! I appreciate the help and advice as I prepare for the next big step! It's pretty exciting!


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Scenic/GCA/King Airelines
Traffic Watch
Pipeline Patrol
Aerial Mapping

Either way, work your way up to 1000+........


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Really gotta go with Ian J on this one...go to Jersey and fly cool planes...what a perfect first flying job for someone with nobody else to support!! Think of the great stories...