2nd kidney stone occurance


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Hello, Dr. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I experienced a single 3mm kidney stone about 4 years ago, passed it, and reported this the next time I applied for a first class medical around 3 years ago. The AME checked the notes from my emergency room visit, which mentioned that I had no retained stones. The AME then issued my medical certificate.

Today, I went into the emergency room with a stong, familiar pain in my lower back. Again, it was a single 3mm kidney stone. I asked for a CT scan to confirm that there were no other stones present. The doctor confirmed that there were no other stones, and would indicate such in his notes. I was given pain medication, and I just passed the stone a few moments ago.

I will be attending an pre-employment processing center for the FAA regarding an Air Traffic Control Specialist position in 3 weeks, which will include filling out a new form 8500. I am assuming that I will need to provide documentation about this recent episode. I have read some of your posts regarding kidney stones, but I still have a few questions.

I will be seeing a Urologist this week to confirm that I don't have any compromised renal function as a result of this stone. In additon to getting a copy of the physician's notes from the emergency room, what tests should I have the urologist run? I understand that they will probably not be able to make a decision there at the center, but I just want to ensure that I have all the documentation that the FAA will require.This will hopefully keep the delay in receiving my new medical to a minimum.

Thank you again for your time.
Thanks for the quick reply, Dr. Forred. That eases my mind a bit that I won't have to have a battery of tests done.
Good luck JC.

Had one a while back, hands down the most painful thing of my life. Worse than breaking my back.