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Thanks LawnGnome for posting on another site. ;)

From what I can tell, since newbies are FG, we'll get 2.9% bump PLUS our locality bump. Does that sound right? I am confused, I NEED A SPREADSHEET!

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Robert Sturgell – December 30, 2008

Dear Colleagues:
I am happy to report that I have approved a full, 100 percent Organizational Success Increase (OSI) for eligible employees under the Core Compensation Plan.
As a result, Core Compensation employees will receive a 3.9 OSI increase, effective January 4, 2009. This is in addition to locality pay, which averages 1.0% percent across the country. Employees in the FG and FM pay systems will receive the same 2.9% percent increase as other Federal GS employees, plus locality play. Executives will receive a 2.8 percent increase, plus locality pay.
While it's my responsibility to approve the increase, you're the ones who earned it. Once again you rose to the challenge in a difficult, challenging year. We successfully met 26 of the 29 performance targets tracked under the agency's strategic Flight Plan. And, as we agreed when we first started the Flight Plan process, meeting 90 percent of the targets justifies a full OSI payout.
There are several targets I could highlight, but I want to mention two in particular because they go to the heart of what this agency is fundamentally all about — safety. Once again this fiscal year there were no commercial fatal accidents, the second year in a row. This is a phenomenal achievement and the product of dedication and perseverance on the part of so many, including you. But, the recent Denver accident — fortunately with no fatalities — reminds us once again that we must be ever vigilant. To that same point, while we met our performance target for general aviation fatal accidents, another outstanding achievement, accidents in Alaska exceeded our performance target.
On the business side, I want to mention the Clean Audit. Not only did we get a clean audit this year, which we have received eight years in a row now, the independent auditors found no material weaknesses. It's hard to exaggerate the importance of this for the agency. Not just as an indicator of how the agency is managing its fiscal resources, but because of what it tells our authorizers and appropriators and our stakeholders. Basically, it tells them that their money and the taxpayers' money is in good hands and is being spent wisely.
Secondly, based on the latest market survey, we've decided to raise the pay bands under Core Comp by 1.7 percent. This will bring us in line with pay for comparable positions as identified in the market survey. This is the fourth year in a row we've raised the pay bands. While the survey showed the current base salaries of FAA employees are more than competitive (greater than 5% above market), the pay bands still lag behind the market by an average of 1.7 percent. We also are raising the pay bands for FAA executives by 1.7 percent.
The Office of Human Resources Management (AHR) has prepared detailed information on the pay increases and the pay bands. This will shortly be available on the FAA employee website at http://employees.faa.gov/jobs_pay/pay. Questions about the pay adjustments may be referred to your servicing human resource management office, or to the AHR Policy Management Division, AHP-300, at (202) 385-8010.
Finally, thank you once again for your dedicated service throughout the year.
As we enjoy the holiday season, I would ask you to keep in mind the hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens less fortunate than ourselves. Many are out of work or facing the prospect of being laid off. They need our support and a helping hand, so please consider donating this year to the Combined Federal Campaign.
Best wishes to you and your families for the holiday season and the new year.
Bobby Sturgell
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Well, seeing as most publicly traded companies aren't going to get jack this year, that's great!
while i understand that this might make you feel better, it doesnt change the fact of the matter and is kind of a non sequitor argument.

i havent seen any numbers on inflation for the year though, so i guess we'll see. at any rate, it's not the raise we're all hoping for. :drool:


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Actually anyone hired after July 1st will not get the OSI increase. If you recall it was one of the Eleventy-Billion pieces of paper they made you sign the first day.
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