1st semester

Mark, The reason that I was given was that, a student has to take some pre-aviation courses before they fly. Also Just Because you are admitted to the university dosen't mean you are admitted to the aviation college, you need a 2.5 GPA to start flying. One more thing, flying is a big responsibility, and takes up a lot of your time,a lot of new freshman have a hard time adjusting to college life, and start flying all in the same semester. Maybe UNDCFII can add more insight.

If you see my post in collegiate aviation section about FIT, I might add that we learned that freshman fly 3 times per week, starting their 1st semester and are expected to get their PPL in 35 to 40 hours. The freshmen we talked to had 60 to 80 hours and were already working on instrument rating. BTW, the fellow who took us on the flight line tour at FIT had nothing but good things to say about UND pilots (he's on the school's flight team) and said he liked everything about UND but the winter weather. "UND pilots are awesome," was his exact quote. So different approaches work.
Flying your first semester is not a problem. There are no prerequisites for Aviation 102 (Private Pilot). The only problem you may encounter is registration...it can be pretty competitive for the first freshman semester with the aviation courses.

BTW...we have a permenant launch schedule system...we fly 3 times a week as well.
There are certain ACT requirements to start, one of my friends is having trouble with that. But if you meet the academic requirements the only other obstacle is money, then of course getting registered in teh program.