1st job


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With 310 hours total, w/commercial license and instrument/multi, I'm looking for my first job flying an airplane. I don't have money now to pursue flight instructor licences.
What sort of places should I send resumes to? I've heard people suggest banner towing,and "diver driver" jobs for skydiving operations; does anyone have links or suggestions of good companies to start with?
Skydive Las Vegas was looking for 182 pilots awhile back. Thats about the only skydiving plane you'll be insurable to fly. The rest (Caravans, Shorts, Twin Otters, etc.) have high insurance requirements.
Dunno what you can get with 310 hrs; the banner tow place around here wants 700 tt
Not sure about the West coast, but I think most of the banner towing action will probably be summer seasonal East coast flying (FL, Jersey Shore, etc). Lots of these seasonal jobs start advertising for positions anytime between now thru spring. You can start checking the online job boards or Trade-A-Plane. If you don't have any tailwheel time, it will be very tough to get a banner job nowadays. It might help to have a bit more total time, too.

The first job is sometimes tricky to find, but you just need to be tenacious: send out the resumes, make phonecalls, do plenty of homework and networking, etc.