1st Class Flight Physical


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Hey everyone. I'm just wondering what a 1st class physical entails? Need to get one soon and I was just wondering what to expect. Haven't had to turn my head since junior high!
Anyway, thanks for the info.

Ive never had to cough or bend over for my 1st class physical. im sure every ame is different though. my first time in there i saw teh tube of ky and got very worried....
Sweet... Another Motowner. I got my 1st class about a month ago in Clarksburg with Doc Hess (the older, as his son is also in practice with him). It was relativly painless. The nurse checked my vision and other vitals and then the doc came in and did a pretty normal physical. If you want more info about it PM me.

If you don't have any major health problems (diabetes, asthma, heart murmurs, etc.) then 1st class is no problem. There's less to it than a standard physical given by a regular physician, with the addition of some eye tests.