1st Bonanza Flight N3442F


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Had my first flight in a Bonanza today, I have lots of time in a Baron and thought it would be fun to try out the Baron's little sister ship (A V-tail).

Well, everything was sweet....285 horses under the cowl and boy did she rocket off with light take off weight.

I had a little trouble landing her, I'm not quite used to high performance singles. I found on the approach she really sinks, cause boy...when I cut the throttle, she seemed to drop out of the air! Lucky for me there was a big displaced threshold. One great thing about the Bonanza, it makes a big "thump" sound about 5 seconds before wheels touch down! Boy that Mr Beech was a smart fella! Kinda wakes you up during the flare!!

The only other thing on the flight that annoyed me was some ass in a SUV trying to get pictures of the pretty bird! I mean, hasn't he seen a Bonanza before?! Well, I flipped him off and took off right away to go home.....

What a day!
he he he
I think I've flown all there new modle airplanes but the Bonanza. I did ride in the back of a V35 to Oshkosh