1st A380 center fuselage




Dear Boeing,

My name is Doug Taylor.

I think you've made a grand mistake in not recognizing that across the ocean, Airbus is really going to kick our butts unless you aggressively address the threat.

Oh, and build the 7E7 domestically with American workers and you can galvanize a nation.

Your pal,

Doug Taylor
looks like I'll be rooting for the UAL A-380.

Thats huge. Im not a big fan of airbus and since I dont want to start a war I'll just leave my opinion at that. Cant wait to see it fly though. It will be cool.

Doug know if only they will listen to your voice of reason and knowledge. It would help though if you had CEO Doug Taylor....
I suppose that the first pilots will have to be British, since they're going to be double-decker (Air)bus drivers.....

<everybody groan>
Can not wait until 2006 for this baby to begin service!!!

Hopefully, KLAX will be prepared for it by then. I really hope to get on one of Qantas A380's as soon as they start using them between here and Australia. (IF IT's NOT TO EXPENSIVE)