18 hrs in YUL


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I've got 18 hours in YUL on my next trip. We get in at 11PM and report at 5PM the next day.

1. Any recommendations for sightseeing?
2. We stay near the airport, how much does it cost to get downtown?

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If you're staying near the airport, have the hotel van drop you off at a subway station if they will. From there you can get downtown for a few bucks. Just walking around downtown is a nice way to spend the day. Lot of little shops and cool cafes, bars, and restaurants. Or if you have a crew that's in the mood for it, check out the gentlemen's clubs, montreal is known for great ones.


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For sightseeing, once you get downtown you can walk right up Mount Royal. That name was what gave Montreal its name; it provides a good view of the city from the balcony of some historic building. You can't miss the mountain from the downtown area. Just start walking towards it and you'll find your way up. I'd post a picture of the view but I don't have any on this computer.


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Any luck in YUL finding stuff, I have a trip up there in a few days then a YOW overnight the next


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All those years of Julliard and a Liberal Arts degree put to good use! :)