150 Inspection Checklist


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Gotta make one for my class, and I want to have something more than just whats put out by Cessna and whats in the FAR|AMT book.

Can anyone recommend things to look at? Or If you have one, post your checklist?

Even if you only have a list for larger aircraft, Id be interested to see how yours is organized.

Im not looking to plagiarize, but I guess you'll just have to trust me on that. Im just hoping for some insight from experience I dont yet have.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


Edit: I wanted to edit the title, but I cant. Im making mine for a Cessna 150, in case that wasn't clear.


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How in depth do you want to go? The Cessna 150 Maintenance manual is the main reference my partner and I use, after that its service bulletins, Airworthiness directives and our own experience on our airplane.

A good reference is the 150-152 Club at http://www.cessna150-152club.com/


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How in depth does a legal inspection need to be?

We have the maint. manual, but I was hoping to get an active mechanic's suggestions/lists.

Ill check the 150 clubs forums too, thanks.