141 Pre-employment test


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Has anyone taken a part 141 flight school pre-employment test. I know you have to pass it with at least an 80%. But, I am just wondering what kind of questions to expect. Is it hard??? Is it pretty easy???


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That sounds to me as if its something that is school specific. We don't give one to our prospective CFI's so if I were to hazard a guess I'd say its probably just a commercial/instrument written cross section.


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I thought it was a requirement for all 141 schools but I could be totally wrong. They definitly had one where I went to school.


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no written test at my school. Just a Part 141 checkout in the airplane and a group orientation for the CFI's


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probably regs questions similar to what the questions would be for private, instrument and commercial writtens.

basically it's probably a filter to separate the wheat from the chaff


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No part 141 test to work. I took one but that was merely to determine seniority of all the people in my interview group. When I clicked on this I thought you were talking about the TSA online training.


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It wasn't a pre-employment test but during standardization we had a Comprehensive test that covered everything from Regs to systems to aerodynamics.

You had to get a 70% and it went in your record. We also had an instrument test that you had to get an 80% on.

Both were like 50 questions and as for the question of if they were hard; if you passed your CFI and you know the systems on your aircraft you'll be fine.


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For our school, it was a basic "what do you know about flying" test. :D Consisted of different regs, the more important ones like 91.155, 91.205, etc.
Went over systems of the aircraft we fly, some hour and flight experience required under a 141 program, different endorsements for various ratings and some scenario questions like if your flying at night with a student and the landing light is out, can you fly? Just really basic stuff, nothing to throw you off too much.