121 Age Requirement


Stuck on the Left Seat
Thinking of moving into 121 ops. But looking at pilot requirement pages, for the regional airlines, they still list "Must be 23 years old on ......" or "Be at least 23 years old...." I saw Delta's requirements out of curiosity and they list minimum age as 21. My hours fall into the preferred category of most regionals and meet the requirements for an "R-ATP with 1500 hours of aeronautical experience". I really do not want a computer/ airline apps to reject me because the requirement are still set at age 23. Can anybody confirm that their companies are considering to hire 21 year old pilots under FAR 61.160
well.. most for now, require you to have ATP mins.. I havent looked at the reg for sure.. but doesnt an ATP require you to be 23 years of age? 21 to get the written.
Give the recruiters a call. Tell them you are interested and where you are at for qualifications. They may just be waiting for the training department to figure things out for the restricted ATP stuff.
In 06 I was looking at 121's (even prior to graduating from a 4-yr) and was told the "written" was a requirement. Good luck at a 121 at 21. It's now a "restricted" so you will need 1500+ TT I this market, although it will soon change lower.