12 Days in May


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Due to some time off requirements, I backed up all my trips in May and did 4 trips back to back (and in between headed up to NH and crashed with my parents to save on JFK hotel costs). Did Rome, Brussels, Lyon, & Venice...but only really broke out the camera in Rome & Lyon.

Most can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flyingsig/sets/72157619137668255/

But here are the teasers...enjoy!






As usual, incredible pictures! I'm about to start a ten-day'er. 3 day BRU 4 day BRU 3 day BRU. Let's just say that I forgot about the "Limit: 1" in my PBS formula!
The Camera is a Canon Xsi with a Tamron 18-270mm lens

For editing, it really depends on my mood... pictures 1 & 3 were done with Photomatix 3.1.3 which has a free demo version you can download and play around with.

Pictures 2,4, 5, & 6 were done with Adobe Lightroom 2.3 but done simply using free presets (and a few minor tweaks) put out by OnOne Software.

I prefer Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS4 to Lightroom for editing, but Lightroom makes it so easy to have a quick workflow (as compared to using Adobe Bridge with CS4) that when you don't want to spend a lot of time editing it does a nice job.

Plus Lightroom has some cool free plugins that make exporting to flickr/smugmug/facebook real easy....