10 Days and Counting


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I am looking forward to starting FSI on July 1. I will be moving into on-campus housing beginning June 27 and orientation is June 28. I was writing to see what I can expect from the Private Audit class and what follows after that i.e. what classes, when they are, instructor assignment, when flying begins, etc. Any help from Chunk or anyone else who recently began FSI would be great. Thanks to everyone who posts in this forum. Ya'll have been a great help!

Dude, no lie man, I truly wish I was there starting with you. My start date down there is Sept 30,2002 and it cannot come fast enough. I just have to chill out and wait my turn. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

I will see you on campus when I get there, but in the mean time congrats, stay safe and good luck.

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