traffic watch

  1. Coop0114

    Anyone got insight for a fresh commercial pilot?

    I'm sitting at 315 hours over 100 multi engine. I just want to know if anyone knows a good way to build time fast? I'm in Southern California and want to get back in the air in the worst way. I know "get your cfi" but I want a flying job like traffic watch or anything really so I can pay for my...
  2. Victor98290

    Traffic Watch Pilots Needed. Addison, Texas

    Traffic watch pilots needed Immediately. great opportunity for low time guys. Company Flies Cessna 172's. twice a day two different routes. Morning and afternoon. Average 5-6 hours a day. All VFR. Minimum 500 Hours. or 400 with CFI. (Insurance Requirements). CFI preferred. Pay is $10/hour...