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  1. F

    New Member Working on PPL and Documenting the Adventure

    Hi all, I hope I'm welcome here. I'm just a lowly student working on my PPL. I am also documenting my adventure along the way and was hoping to share that with everyone. I don't want to run afoul of any rules, however, so I won't share the link to that until I know it's OK. Thanks, and I...
  2. thatpilotkid

    What should I solo in?

    Hi! I'm 14. I'm a student pilot, with 20 total hours (I've been flying since I was 13). I've flown c150s, 172s, and a da40xls. As of now, I'm doing my training in a Cirrus SR20 with the g1000. Heres my problem. The flight school I'm at now is your average flight school with instructors coming...