south florida

  1. R

    Need Advice Please! Dispatching in South Florida.

    Hello fellow dispatchers! I graduated from Sheffield this past March 2019, and am proud to be a certified Aircraft Dispatcher from Sheffield! The program was great and I learned so much - I am glad to be a graduate! Right after I graduated, I was offered a position immediately, at an...
  2. Sylvan

    Looking for Safety Pilot(s) *Time Building* (South Florida FXE / HWO / PMP /

    I am looking for pilot(s) that are interested in sharing costs in either x-country, instrument training in the South Florida(FXE / HWO / PMP / KBCT) area. Cheap time building preferable out of FXE. The Airplane is Cesena (C172) Rate are $120hr Wet or $140hr Wet with G1000 . I am looking for...