second career

  1. 888Airman

    Non-aviation, supplemental second jobs for airline pilots

    Hello all, In light of the covid 19 crisis of 2020 and 2021, large numbers of airline pilots were either furloughed, terminated, or had their paid flight hours reduced. Prior to this tragic crisis, pilots were routinely dismissed, almost like negligible dead-weight, whenever economic downturns...
  2. S

    Another Career Changer!

    Hey all you JC folks! Cross posting this for some more thoughts. I have been out of flying for close to 15 years now... Doesn't seem real! Had about 160 hours TT Instrument Rated Private Pilot was working on Multi/Commercial at the time I hung it up. Got married, 2 kids, career in sales...
  3. M

    Second career

    Hello to everyone on the forum! Obviously I’m a new member but I’m not a troll as I just usually don’t have any need to post anything to this board, or others like it, but now that I do I would greatly appreciate any opinions that could be offered. The post is kind of long and want you first...