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    Your idea of the perfect broker

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for taking a moment to read my post. Being rather new to the wonderful world of aviation, I wanted ask you all your thoughts concerning brokers? Being prior-service and growing up around aviation, I eagerly sought to find my fit within the industry and it came in the...
  2. O

    Aircraft Bird Dogs wanted!!

    I am buying light singles, twins up to King Air in lower range and lower end rotorcraft. Commissions paid for good leads, ferry work available as we move forward. Developing our network of buy sell partners here at Export Aviation. We pay fair but low prices and sell similarly. 35 year...
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    Opportunity presented.. Need info from the pros

    Hi all, newb here. I figured it best to come right to the source and try to obtain some information before I spend further time exploring this career opportunity. I was presented with an opportunity to interview with an aircraft sales company. They sale gulfstreams to boeings. I met someone...