1. Kristie

    Reservations for NJC 2022 eats & fun.

    I’m working on making us some reservations for food and fun. As of right now, this is the list of attendees. Derg + wifey (me) Avalon781ML + wifey Eagle421flyer + wifey Mattc206 Whatusername Tommay85 Is there anyone else planning on attending that I need to account for as I make our...
  2. Kristie

    POLL: If you can make NJC, which weekend will you be there?

    There's been a lot of consternation in the past week with the dates of NJC and in order to make NJC work on a viable financial scale, we need participation count. I believe we have always scheduled on Week 43 of the year, which would be Halloween weekend this year (27-30). So we originally...
  3. thegriffinpages

    DFW Aviation Meetup?

    Would anyone be interested in participating in a group that meets a couple times a month. I see this being a group for Aviation students* to get together and study/learn/ask questions. Maybe get some experienced guys to come and "mentor"? *Aviation students includes people in Aviation college...