need advice

  1. thatpilotkid

    What should I solo in?

    Hi! I'm 14. I'm a student pilot, with 20 total hours (I've been flying since I was 13). I've flown c150s, 172s, and a da40xls. As of now, I'm doing my training in a Cirrus SR20 with the g1000. Heres my problem. The flight school I'm at now is your average flight school with instructors coming...
  2. November

    Video Interview

    Fellow flight following aficionados, I'm looking for general and dispatch specific advice for doing well at video interviews. I suffer dearly without being able to read my audience, and it's disheartening to receive a TBNT without any idea where I went wrong! Any and all advice would be...
  3. N

    Amateur Hour/ Career Change/ OVI(Dui) Question

    On March 17, 2009 I was arrested for driving intoxicated and landed myself in court with a well deserved OVI (that's Ohio's DUI) to which i pleaded guilty to. No way around it, I was in the wrong and to this day, 10 years later, it continues to be my crowning moment of stupidity and the worse...
  4. Xerraid

    New PP Trainee seeking life advice

    Hello all, I'm currently in an interesting position and have looked through a few other forums about my particular issue. I haven't found anyone quite answering my own dilemma yet so I thought I'd seek advice on my own forum. Background: I've just recently begun pilot training courses. I have...