1. C

    Best Multi-Engine commercial option

    I am looking to see if anyone has had a good experience or a bad one that I should stay away from. I am returning to flying after being away for a while. I was a CFII and taught out of NY for American Flyers. I have a little over 650 hours. I would like to return to do some charter work part...
  2. awbmof

    SEA Area Multi Time Building

    Good Morning, I am at 35 hours total multi time, and I require additional multi-time. Does anybody have suggestions on options for building multi time in the Seattle area? I have one place where I could rent an airplane, but I am open to getting checked out at another operation if anybody is...
  3. NC-Sean

    Multi-time building-Eastern NC, SE Virginia

    Looking to build some multi time. Can rent a Duchess for $245/hr. Maybe a little cheaper. Free during the days and all day during the weekends. I'm a CFII and current in the Duchess. Let's split some time!