1. Seth150

    Time Build Cessna 150 Minnesota (KANE) - I'll supply the airplane, you pay for gas plus $3/hr.

    Looking for safety pilot(s) to split costs to build 150+ hours of cross country to meet ATP minimums. I own a 1974 Cessna 150L that is IFR certified (see photo below). I'll supply the airplane, you pay for fuel, plus $3/hr to offset oil changes. Current average price for 100LL AvGas in eastern...
  2. North Central Aviation

    Nextant 400XT Captain - Minnesota

    Looking for a 400XT captain for Part 91 and Part 135 operation 3000TT ATP Salary w/full benefits Based in Minneapolis/ St. Paul Desired: Nextant experience Inquires contact us at charter@flyncatoday.com