1. Amburger

    Sun Country Interview

    Anyone currently or previously employed at Sun Country have any pointers or recommendations for an interviewee?
  2. November

    Video Interview

    Fellow flight following aficionados, I'm looking for general and dispatch specific advice for doing well at video interviews. I suffer dearly without being able to read my audience, and it's disheartening to receive a TBNT without any idea where I went wrong! Any and all advice would be...
  3. DogwoodLynx

    What Would You Do If... Interview Questions?

    Studying for an interview. I'm good with the technical stuff, but I really like the critical thinking of scenarios. I made some "What would you do if...." type questions for myself to study, but I was wondering if you folks could come up with some as well. It could be anything dispatch...
  4. jbhems520

    PSA Hiring - Any news?

    I know most everyone on this forum has had either bad experiences with PSA, or just plain out dislikes the company. Anyone on here who has actually applied? Heard anything from them yet? I did my phone interview last Thursday, was pretty chill. Just asked basic interview questions, I guess...
  5. D

    Anyone Willing to be Interviewed?

    Hi everyone, need to interview and profile an individual/group for my college writing class. I decided to base it on pilots and pilot fatigue. Would anyone be willing to be interviewed over email or an instant message client? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  6. NC-Sean

    Latest Skywest interview

    I posted this on willflyforfood but figured I would copy it to here too. Flown positive space to SLC Interview with 2 Captains, one CRJ one E175, both live in SLC but domiciled in DEN. 6 people interviewing, 2 young CFI guys, 2 Feeder Caravan pilots (one in his late 50s) and 1 former European...