1. A

    For Sale DC-PRO-X Headset w/ Bluetooth

    -In perfect condition aside from a few chips in the paint. (Shown in pictures) -GA plugs -ANR (Noise canceling) -Takes AA batteries (usually get 75ish hours out of them) -Bluetooth with two different modes. One mode will play music continually with radio chatter. The other mode with pause and...
  2. RickJames

    About to pull the trigger- DC OneX

    Upgrading from my decade old DC 10-13.4's. Just looking for headset insight from any David Clarke One X users. I'm leaning towards the DC OneX v.s. LS Zulu2 and Bose A20. Any and all thoughts, advice and opinions greatly appreciated.
  3. Johnny150

    For Sale Telex 750-50$

    I have a Telex 750 that I haven used In 2 years, it worked fine when I last used it, 50$ buyer pays shipping.
  4. Nealwa

    For Sale Bose A20 with Bluetooth

    I have a Bose A20 in good condition. Not brand spanking new but isn't haven't been through Nam either. I'm asking $700 shipping included. I can post some pictures once I get someone interested. Only wear I have noticed lately has been on one of the ear cups. Minor wear, nothing major.
  5. J

    Want to Buy Clarity Aloft Headset

    Private pilot looking for a headset to continue training. Looking for a Clarity Aloft headset. Does not have to be TSO'd but would consider buying one if price is right. thanks