1. E

    Frontier, Alaska, or Allegiant

    Out of these 3 airlines which one would you pick? I am leaning towards Frontier in Denver. I feel it's a better fit over Allegiant because it has a bigger operation. Alaska seems like it would be a better decision over Frontier... But their cost of living is super high. Does...
  2. jbhems520

    Frontier Hiring?

    Frontier posted back in August, but looks like they posted again in October.. And it's still up. Anyone on the inside heard anything? Curious if they are just creating a pool for a future hiring or if they want to do a class soon. Link-a-link
  3. DogwoodLynx

    Frontier DX (DEN)

    Hey folks, I've noticed that the Frontier posting has been up for MONTHS. Does anyone on here currently work there or mind giving me some insight into their dispatcher team? (PM if ya want) Thanks!