flight training

  1. V

    B200 type rating from Indonesia

    Hi All, Can someone help me with Kingair B200 initial type rating institute contact from Indonesia ? Thanks in advance.
  2. inventor

    Flight Training recommendations Orlando/Daytona Central Florida?

    I'll be living in the Orlando and then Daytona areas after the middle of July. Can't stand it anymore, I'm flying, dammit! Any suggestions for training? Most likely would need pay as you go or liberal financial arrangements. Probably going to take a tour in that Grumman Widgeon first of all...
  3. SkyWalker1992

    Sponsored CFI training?

    Are there any schools in the MLB, VRB, FPR, SUA area that offer to pay for your instructor ratings in exchange for X amount of work? I know Flight Safety Academy used to, but they recently suspended the program while I was finishing up my commercial ratings. I got my multi add-on instead of...