flight planning

  1. Burrito

    The longest you've delayed a rev flight?

    Let's hear some stories! What's the longest your dispatch manager's stared over your shoulder as the hours pile up? My current company's record, only which I personally have seen and dealt with, was 10 hours and change. I know we've hit 12, but not involving my station. Ours was just stupid...
  2. Elroy Jetson

    Jeppesen International Trip Planning

    Hi there, I am looking at moving into the world of dispatch and I recently found out about a position with Jeppesen as an International Flight Planner (please see the services provided/ description here...
  3. Shane Cassell

    Chicago to South America flight planning assistance

    I am planning a ferry flight from the Chicago area to Central Argentina in a Piper Arrow. Right now, I am trying to figure cost and where the different fees would be coming from. I am wondering if anyone has some experience flying in Central and South America and the Caribbean who would be...