aviation headset

  1. A

    For Sale DC-PRO-X Headset w/ Bluetooth

    -In perfect condition aside from a few chips in the paint. (Shown in pictures) -GA plugs -ANR (Noise canceling) -Takes AA batteries (usually get 75ish hours out of them) -Bluetooth with two different modes. One mode will play music continually with radio chatter. The other mode with pause and...
  2. Colin Levy

    For Sale QT Halo (in ear) Headset - Like New

    Headset is less than 3 months old. This is my third pair of QT Halos over the last 5 years at the airlines. They are solid. Today I replaced the ear tips, sound tubes and microphone wind screen with all brand new replacements. Will come with headset, carrying case, instruction manual and...